Guitar and Bass Guitar Lessons in Leicester with Mikey Shine (Happy Mondays,Black Grape)

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All about your Lessons

My Lessons are structured around the needs of the student with the aim of learning to play the types of music they like. So there is no need to be worried or nervous when you come to your first lesson, all you need is an instrument and a love of music.  There is a minimum of theory, rather you learn the chords and strings you need to be able to play specific tracks you like; this way you can quickly play a tune rather than a number of unrelated chords or notes. You can also have a backing track so you can continue to learn between lessons.  Later you can transfer the skills gained to other tracks or artists and play by ear rather than reading music.

I normally use guitar tab to enable students to learn chords and fingering as it does not require you to read or understand musical notation; also it helps you to continue practicing at home or compose your own material. Guitar Tabs for most recordings are available free on the Internet, so once the basic skill set is established students can progress at their own pace and use the lessons to perfect their technique, or undertake more advanced studies.

Lessons are normally an hour a week although some prefer other arrangements; and are based at my studio in Leicester Forest East.  

“9 months ago didn’t know what the Bass strings were called!, today can play over a dozen songs and able to have Jam sessions, thanks Mikey you’re a great Bass Teacher.”  D. Oxman . Sept 2018

“Need guitar lessons in Leicester? Get in touch with the man;  “  L Monk. Sept 2018